YMS-104-Shakespear-The-Tempest_04-FNLThe Shakespeare Festival will culminate in a Gala show at the Old Fire Hall on April 24 from 5:00 – 7:30pm, followed by a wine tasting.

Performers will be James Bradford, veteran Shakespearean actor and past company member at Stratford Shakespeare Festival; Alan Jeans, professional actor and graduate student studying drama and communities at the University of Alberta; Brian Fidler, local actor and drama instructor; and Akasha Sage, Sarah Ott, and Loughran Thorson-Looyson, all local high school actors, budding thespians and past students of the MAD program at Wood Street School.

Thank you to Sue Bogle for leading the organization of this event, and to Sarah Lewis, Martha Taylor, Leslie Raenden and Sarah Krauzig for their support. Thanks also to Yukon Government, Sarah Krauzig at Bella Décor, Rick Karp at Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, Jessica Read at Breath of Life Yoga Studios, and Tony Zedda at Baked Café for sponsoring the event.