“What is best for the child?”

This simple question is the frame from which every one of our school community’s decisions should be based. It focuses us to consider if the vision, goals, pedagogy, culture, environment, efforts, and strategic planning are aligned with our grand mission; guiding the child toward their full potential. 

Montessori education is transformation: it honours the child as the key to the betterment of humanity.

No one facet of the school community alone can hold the weight of the responsibility to serve the spirt and humanity of our children. We each, parents, staff team, leadership, and community partners must feel compelled to action.

Take a moment to reflect on what it is you want for your child? What belief in themselves do you hope they cultivate? What kind of community and global citizen do you want them to be? Through what actions do you hope they show compassion for themselves and others? What faith in their community do we hope they hold?

Now take a moment to reflect on the ways we ourselves are helping to realize that vision for our children. We would benefit to ask ourselves if our investments of energy and time align with the path we envision for our child’s future? In what ways are we aligning our hopes for our child with building a school community that helps realize that vision? In what ways are we helping to realize our child’s moral, physical, spiritual, and mental being?

As a community of parents and educators who believe that each child holds the capacity to positively shape the world, we have a moral obligation to our youngest souls to set in motion the momentum that will carry them forward as they cultivate independence, realize their capacity, and then themselves be the change they wish to see in the world around them.

Montessori education is a gift and an opportunity. In Whitehorse, several years ago, a group of motivated parents began the first Casa classroom to meet their desire for early childhood education that aligned with their belief that their child deserved an environment that honoured their humanity. It was through the momentum from parents who felt compelled to action that founded our school. With parent involvement school community has continued to grow as those children have continued along the Planes of Development.

Our school community is peering over the edge of a precipice; we are positioned to grow the capacity of the school to enhance the lives of our children and our community. Momentum from our parent community is the foundation on which our school potential rests.

My own reflection brings me to the immense gratitude I have for the ways I am able to support the spirit of the children in our community by building the capacity of our staff team, Board of Directors, and community partners. I am committed to the admirable vision we share for a school community that meets the needs of our children.

Where do your own reflections bring you?