The Lead Montessori Conference in Prague was a bounty of Montessori delights and I was able to bring back (after buying a second piece of luggage!) a number of Montessori resources that make the Montessori method, pedagogy, and principals accessible.

Dr. Maria’s Montessori’s original texts are rich and dense and full of inspiration but understandably we generally don’t have the time freedom to commit to absorbing them so feel welcome to take a look at what I’ve brought back and see if one inspires your next reading adventure.


Our Growing Collection of AMI Texts.

For loan we have in our parent resource library:

From the AMI Collection:

The Absorbant Mind

The Discovery of the Child

What You Should know About Your Child

Education for a New World

To Educate the Human Potential

The child in the Family

The Advanced Montessori Method, Vl. 1

The Advanced Montessori Method, Vl. 2

Education and Peace

From Childhood to Adolescence

The 1946 London Lectures


Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents

the Secret Of Childhood

Citizen of the World, Key Montessori Readings

From other Author’s:

Cultivator of the Human Spirit: Revisiting Maria Montessori’s Journey, Punam Bhatia

The Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck

Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire