Welcome to the new 2021/2022 Board of Directors

Whitehorse Montessori Society Board 201-2022

  • President – Brooke Alsbury
  • Vice President – Leah Stone
  • Treasurer – Denali Gaetz
  • Secretary – Alanna Hennessey 
  • Members At Large – Anne Pinkerton, Mildred Penaranda, Jackie Burgess, Anna Claire Ryan, Alexandra Tait

Board Details

The governance oversight for the Yukon Montessori School (formerly Montessori Borealis, and Yukon Montessori School) is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors via the Whitehorse Montessori Society (preschool) and the Yukon Parents for Montessori Society. The Board is governed by our Society Bylaws. Our board consists of a President, Past President Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors.

The Yukon Montessori school continues to thrive because of the generous donation of time and expertise of parents, family, and community memebrs just like you.

Do you have experience fundraising? Help us bring out vision to life as we look forward to moving into our one-school space!

Do you have expertise in policy writing? Help us solidify our strong governance position as we continue to merge two sets of administrative and governance documents into one!

Do you have no particular experience with a non-profit but you’ve got some time and energy? Help us by joining our volunteer list so we can call on you when events or efforts require a few extra sets of hands!

If you would like to share some of your skills and expertise, we would be thrilled to find a way for you to become involved. Please email admin@montessoriborealis.com to express your interest.

Board contact: