At the Yukon Montessori School we have two Casa (preschool age) classrooms, Borealis, led by Eleonore Trancart, and Aurora, led by Erin Schultz.

The Casa level is part of the same highly critical educational and emotional development period as the Toddler level, however within this period children transform themselves from the unconscious development of a toddler, to the conscious development of a preschooler. They continue to be firmly rooted in the concrete world; they thrive on exploration of the world with their senses and begin to make more challenging sensory observations.

In the Casa level, the children are given activities that are deliberately designed to have them experience abstract theories in concrete form. This is done so that as they move into higher levels of education, the children are well prepared to understand abstract theories found in math and the sciences.

Our Casa program is based on the key characteristics and needs of children ages 3 to 6 years, including:

  • Eagerness to explore, with all the senses
  • Search for independence
  • Love of and sensitivity to language
  • Need for order to establish security and independence
  • Period of “the absorbent mind”

The Casa program first introduces the three-year age groupings that correspond to stages of child development, and are an integral feature of traditional Montessori education. During this period, the level of exploration explodes along with the child’s significant cognitive development.

In the Casa program, children engage in the Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Culture (including Science, Geography and History), and Math areas. They are consciously supported by Montessori-trained teachers who direct, guide, and carefully observe the child to be fully aware of his or her development. New material is introduced to the child as he or she is ready for it, and it is not unusual for children to leave the Casa level at the age of 6 with highly developed reading and writing skills, the ability to do simple math, and a thirst to move on to the elementary program.


The admissions process begins when you contact the school to schedule a tour or request an enrollment package through email.  Deciding on a tour of our classroom’s will allow you the opportunity to meet the teachers and observe a class in progress. Once you have reviewed the package, and a space has been allocated to your child, the enrollment form is submitted and the appropriate fees and deposits are collected. 

Casa Classroom (preschool) admissions: please contact Cassidy Price at


The annual tuition fees may be paid in ten equal amounts via e-ransfer to for children in the Casa/preschool program. Once registered parents will be invoiced to pay the monthly tuition that is due on the first of each month. The Government of Yukon covers part of the cost through childcare subsidy of $700 per student per month. Parents are responsible for paying the remainder.  Instalments will be in the following amounts:

  • Casa tuition is $1050/month, total of $10500/year ($350/month, total of $3500 after subsidy)
  • After school program’s cost (3:30-5:00 pm) is $185 per month
  • Casa society fees are $25.00/year
  • The deposit is one month’s tuition to be paid by June of the current year and will be next years’ June tuition
  • Full day registration plus After School care is $1235/month, total of $12350/year

For a more detailed tuition schedule, including society fees and payment policies, please email to request a copy of our Montessori Borealis Preschool Family Handbook.

After school program

At the Yukon Montessori School, our school day ends at 3:30pm. We recognize, however, that not all parents are in a position to end their own work day at 3:30pm. We therefore offer an After School Program (non-Montessori) each day from 3:30pm to 5:00pm for all current students, including those in the elementary grades.

Parents should request registration in the After School Program (five days a week) when submitting your child’s application for registration with YMS. Registration in the After School Program will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Should the After School Program be full, a waiting list will be maintained.

Once your child is registered in our After School Program, that spot will be held for him or her. At any point after registration, should your child no longer require the spot, parents must provide the school with one month’s written notice.

Drop-in spaces in the After School program are available to family at a rate of $20/day on a first come, first served basis. Please email to enquire about availability.